Wanderlust for life: Why travel is good for you, whatever your age

We’re not getting any younger. The World Health Organization has predicted that the percentage of the population over 60 will have nearly doubled by 2050. But unlike previous generations we’re not simply downing tools at retirement age. Instead, we’re witnessing a boom in older travellers, who now more than ever before have the ways, means and inclination to get out and see the world.

The benefits of travel have been well documented, both in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. Research has proven that people who holiday often are at lower risk of coronary death, suffer less from stress (which is known to increase ageing) and maintain a healthy brain thanks to new experiences.

Not only does planning and booking a trip provide something to look forward to but travelling breaks up routine. The simple act of walking away from day to day commitments and concerns can do wonders for stress levels. Cognitive health is boosted by meeting new people and exploring new environments. Brain capacity can be improved by picking up a new language and working out transport logistics too.

And think of the stories you’ll have to tell on your return. Whereas once upon a time our parents and their parents before us may have focused on attaining worldly goods, the next generation is prioritising experiences over possessions. Doing the things you’ve always dreamed of doing while it’s still possible to enjoy them.

What’s more, we’re arguably more confident as we get older. There’s less need to follow the pack, fit in or party until dawn (unless you want to). Travel can only help boost confidence as you conquer any uncertainties and step outside of that comfort zone.

True, travel can be physically demanding, but this is a great way to keep agile. Whether that’s sightseeing, walking around museums or tackling a new activity. From yoga to horse riding and cycling, wine-tasting and opera, today’s mature traveller is keen to pursue interests and try new things. A report by travel solutions provider Amadeus has revealed that by 2020 there will be an estimated 775 million “Active Seniors” worldwide.

The travel industry is recognising this trend for older adventurers, who are defying convention by choosing offbeat destinations and active trips. Writing in the Financial Times, travel editor Tom Robbins attributes this rise in “older, bolder holidaymakers” to the availability of low-cost flights, the reach of mobile communications keeping travellers in touch with family at home and easier access to travel insurance.

Of course, travel insurance is what we specialise in so we can help take the hassle out of planning for that next adventure. There’s no need to let ailments get in the way either; we have no maximum age limit and our policies can cover customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

So the question is, what’s stopping you?

Wherever your travels are set to take you, make sure you’re covered. Contact us for more details and a no-obligation quote.

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